Teaching Practice




Wellspring Surgery has a long history of teaching and training undergraduate medical students and postgraduate doctors. We have taught Bristol University medical students for at least 20 years and have been a “Core Teaching practice” for 3 years now, which means we teach students across the whole 5 years of the Bristol medical School, with all GPs and nurses participating in this. Dr Klinkenberg and Dr Jahfar are GP Trainers after 3 year General practice Specialist Training.  All clinicians are involved in the Medical and Allied Health Professional teaching programmes.

We could not do any of this without the fantastic support of the patients at Wellspring. Although we know that teaching raises standards generally and is good for the Surgery, we are constantly amazed by how helpful patients are towards our students and junior doctors and appreciate this greatly. You are helping to create the doctors of the future and they learn so much from you.

There will be students and junior doctors at various levels of training present for much of the year at Wellspring. We always do our best to notify patients of this and are very happy to ask a student to leave the consultation if patients would rather they are not present.